SAPICS Director

“Having closely observed and interacted with Mr Mphake across various professional forums and industry events, I firmly believe that his contribution, passion, and insights into the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry make him an ideal candidate for this prestigious role.

Mr Mphake’s work in the logistics and supply chain sector has been truly outstanding. He possesses an unparalleled dedication to the industry, approaching it with a personal commitment that genuinely sets him apart. His efforts in enhancing the overall value and efficiency within the industry have been remarkable and deserve recognition.

Furthermore, I have had the privilege of attending numerous presentations and seminars where Mr. Mphake was the lead speaker. Each of these occasions showcased not only his deep knowledge of the industry but also his ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and passion. His presentations always resulted in the comprehensive insights and a better understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

His proactive nature and enthusiasm for addressing and overcoming industry handles highlight his exceptional leadership qualities. In my opinion, Mr. Mphake’s vast experience, coupled with his profound impact on the industry, makes him a valuable asset to the SAPICS Board of Directors. His inclusion on the board would undoubtedly contribute to innovative solutions and strategies that align with the ever-evolving demands of the logistics and supply chain landscape.

I am confident that Mr. Mphake will bring a fresh perspective and a dynamic approach to the board, fostering growth and enhancing the industry’s overall resilience and efficiency.” George van Heerden