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SAPICS, as the Professional Body for Supply Chain Management, is committed to the ongoing development of SMMEs. Through the SAPICS Small Business Hub, SAPICS plays a vital role in the growth of these organisations through the provision of educationand training thereby enabling them to become sustainable businesses that will grow and prosper.

SAPICS is a valuable conduit for corporate businesses to support SMMEs and participate in the development of their suppliers.

Often, initial training focuses on aspects such as marketing and finance, leaving operational skills undeveloped. To survive and thrive, SMMEs need to address the knowledge gaps that exist.

SAPICS Small Business Hub objective

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A major contributor to the growth and development of SMMEs is an understanding of Operations and Supply Chain Management best practices.

So What is Supply Chain Management?

Simply put, it is managing the flow of information from the market, through your business to your Suppliers, and the flow of materials from the suppliers, through your business to the market. 



How Do I Become a Member of the SAPICS Small Business Hub?

Eligibility Criteria - Annual Turnover Less Than R 10 Million (ZAR)

What are the Benefits of being a member?

  • Enhance your professional network
  • Participate in face to face and online community
  • Educational activities
  • Discounted registration fees at events including the Leading Event in Africa for Supply Chain Professionals.
  • Network with local peers in the industry and get discounts to various workshops and conferences.




Webinars are an effective way for SMMEs to engage with others and to learn from best practice. Webinar topics may include:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Demand Planning
  • Introduction to S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)
  • Case Studies and success stories
  • Advice from Captains of Industry


Education opportunities that are available through this program and can be sponsored to include:

  • Accredited Education and learning programmes that cover specific aspects of supply chain management as well as entrepreneurial topics such as business management, basic finance, etc.

SMME Latest News



ASCM Partner Talks: Competitive Strategies For Small Businesses

Douglas Kent, ASCM Executive Vice-President of Strategy and Alliances was recently quoted in a Markets Insider article, 4 ways small businesses can win over customers by being more like Amazon (but better).

In this episode of PartnerTalks, Douglas talks about four strategies small businesses can implement to adapt to Amazon’s standards without leaving behind their authenticity:

  • Speed, convenience and customer-oriented service
  • Simple path to checkout
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Transparent customer service and reviews

View video here