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SAPICS is currently embarking on a great initiative aimed at addressing and serving the needs of students and graduates in the field of supply chain management. Our youth development programme seeks to tackle youth unemployment and grow young talent for South Africa’s supply chain industry by equipping young professionals with the necessary skills that will ensure that they are industry-ready for job opportunities. Many graduates in South Africa still lack the skills, resources and experience to fully capitalise on job opportunities in the industry. To this end, SAPICS has created a formal youth programme that students and graduates can join through the association’s Student Membership and Young Professionals Membership respectively.


Why You Should Consider Becoming a Student Member? 

As a student, one of the greatest challenges you will face when transitioning into your career is aligning what we have learnt in university with the realities and expectations of the workplace. While a university education is essential for establishing the foundation for your career, the constantly changing work environment and the industry at large can often make the transition from being a student to a young supply chain professional challenging. As a student member, SAPICS will provide you with the guidance you need to effectively map-out your desired career path. This is because membership with SAPICS will give students such as yourself access to a network of seasoned industry professionals from diverse backgrounds, including potential mentors whose experience, expertise and guidance will help you to expand your knowledge and advance your career.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Young Professional Member?

SAPICS embraces a life-long learning philosophy and we believe that one’s professional growth and development should not end with a university education. Our world is constantly evolving and so are the set of skills, knowledge and training expected from young supply chain professionals. Networking and skills development play a crucial role in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world of work. In addition to offering you networking opportunities, one of the important benefits of a young professional membership is gaining access to education and training resources including certifications from SAPICS and ASCM at discounted rates. Certifications play an important role in one’s professional growth and development journey because they can differentiate you from other professionals in your field by showing current and prospective employers your demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession. 


SAPICS Mentorship Programme

Students and Young Professionals are encouraged to reach out and connect with SAPICS mentors.  Please view the profiles on the attached document, and connect with those whom you would like to meet with, via LinkedIn.  Please mention that you would like to set up a meeting with them and that you found their contact details through SAPICS.  

Enjoy the mentoring experience!

View the SAPICS Mentors Profiles


2024 SAPICS Young Professional & Student Conference

SAPICS YPS Conference


View the presentations from the 2024 Conference:


Membership Benefits

As a student or young professional, you can gain free access to our Young Professional and Student Webinars by visiting our events page and registering as a guest.

You may also join the association as a SAPICS Student or Young Professional Member. More details can be found here:

Our membership benefits include:

  • SAPICS Young Professional & Student Conference - Virtual Registration 
  • Young professional registration rate to attend the CSCA (Certified Supply Chain Analyst) course
  • Receive regular and informative communications from SAPICS
  • 2 points earned per year towards an individual’s APICS Certifications (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD) as well as points towards your IBF CPF maintenance
  • Access for free to all SAPICS Member Only events per the SAPICS Event Calendar. 
  • Access to the recordings from the SAPICS Annual Conference at no additional fee
  • The opportunity to be nominated to serve on SAPICS Young Professional and Student leadership committee.
  • SAPICS members receive a monthly digital magazine from FOCUS on Transport and Logistics. 
  • Access to the SAPICS Mentorship Programme

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