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Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards

The Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards celebrates organisations excelling in Supply Chain Management in Africa. The organisations who work throughout the supply chain profession have a unique view on what makes the world go around. Managing a supply chain is so much more than moving goods and is a complex role within any organisation to ensure its success and relevance in this volatile world we live in.

Association for Supply Chain Management


SAPICS ASCM premier Elite


For over 60 years, supply chain professionals and organizations have relied on APICS to deliver world-class certification. But that was just the beginning. We're excited to welcome you to the new Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). As the largest non-profit association for supply chain, we are an unbiased partner, connecting companies around the world to the newest insights on all aspects of supply chain.

ASCM is driving innovation in the industry with new products, services and partnerships to enable companies to further optimize their supply chains, secure their competitive advantage and positively impact their bottom lines.

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Demand Drive Institute


DDI Affiliate


Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal planning and execution method designed to correct the inadequacies and inappropriate rules of conventional Material Requirements Planning (MRP) given today’s more volatile, complex and service oriented supply and manufacturing scenarios. The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) was founded by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith, co-authors of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition in order to proliferate and further develop demand driven strategy and tactics in industry.

DDI has scheduled a series of online DDP, DDO, and DDL classes in 2023 in English, French and Spanish. These classes will be taught at 8 am CET, ET and PT depending on the language in an attempt to meet the needs of the market.  We have also tried to work around any affiliate public class that was already on the schedule.  Master instructors will be used to teach the classes and will be compensated for teaching that class.  In this regard we believe that we can funnel and leverage demand across the globe through these online offerings while still making them aware of alternative offerings.  The point is to get as many people as possible through education by offering as many alternatives as possible.

Coupon code of SAPR.  If someone uses your coupon code then they will receive $100 off the class price. The certification exam is included in the cost of the class.   

Refer to for the classes scheduled.  Please let us know what questions you have -


Hotelstuff was launched in 2001 by Lorraine Jenks.

It is an online directory for everybody, not only hotels. We don't sell anything or take commission.

It is free to use and subscribers pay an annual subscription to list.

Originally developed to help hospitality buyers and suppliers find each other, the website has evolved into a platform for all: homes, hotels, offices, government, hospitals, architects, designers, etc.

Our sister website links back to the main website and our service has become known as Hotelstuff/Greenstuff.

Greenstuff is a directory of green, eco-friendly products and services. Our hidden agenda was to change mindsets and make it easy to 'go green', and ironically and to our delight, this has become the core focus of our work!


The International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) was founded in 2007 as an international association dedicated to improving public health supply chain management and commodity security and providing professional development opportunities to public health logisticians in developing countries. IAPHL promotes the use of local and regional expertise, continued learning, and the exchange of ideas and best practices. IAPHL supports an open-access forum in which approximately 3,900 members from 137 countries network, share materials, and build professional skills.

IMM Institute

The Institute of Marketing Management South Africa (IMM) has for decades been the pre-eminent marketing institute in Southern Africa, bringing together like-minded individuals to share thoughts and experiences within the rapidly changing marketing environment. The IMM offers a wide range of value-added products and services for marketing professionals who are Associates in either an individual or corporate capacity.

Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning

The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning is recognised as the premier full-service provider of forecasting and planning educational services to organisations worldwide. For over 3 decades, the IBF has been helping businesses increase profits and decrease waste by guiding them through with lessons learned and best practices. The IBF is known as a centre of learning for forecasting & planning strategies and techniques for every major industry on a global level. By becoming an IBF member you stay abreast of the latest forecasting and planning methods as well as best practices used by leading global companies.

International Supply Chain Education Alliance

ISCEA's mission is to provide total supply chain knowledge to manufacturing and service industry professionals through Education, Certification and Recognition. ISCEA is the developer of Internationally recognized certification programs of Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), Certified Lean Master (CLM), Certified Supply Chain Technology Professional (CSCTP), Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) and others. ISCEA is the governing body for the Ptak Prize. ISCEA members hold mid to upper supply chain management positions in Global 2000 companies.


MasterDrive is a results-driven, driver training organisation that engages with and assists companies in managing driver risk interventions.

The company was established in 1999 and became part of the RAC Group (established in 1997) some 9 years later - in 2008 - and has expanded its field of operation to cover the African continent with dedicated branches in SA's three main centres.

To that end, MasterDrive has a dedicated team of professional, internationally accredited instructors who deliver training on a range of programs that encompass the full spectrum of vehicles - from motorbikes to cars to busses and trucks.


Procurement Trends under the spotlight at the Women in Procurement Summit 2023

The Procurement industry is in a transition phase, presenting both challenges and exciting opportunities. The important and key role that procurement professionals play was thrust into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the world came to note the importance of stable supply chains. Talent management, technology, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG),

Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) and Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) are some of the important procurement topics that will be under the spotlight at the third Women in Procurement (WIP) Conference.

Smart Procurement World

SmartProcurement is an established (since 2006) and trusted media and value-adding service provider in the niche and primary business marketplace of Procurement & Supply Management (P & SM departments and their directors, executives and operational personnel.

Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering

As the name implies, the field of Industrial Engineering deals with the engineering of industrial or industrious undertakings. Modern Industrial Engineering is concerned with the integration of resources and processes into cohesive strategies, structures and systems for the effective and efficient production of quality goods and services.

It draws upon specialised knowledge and skills in the mathematical, physical, behavioural, economic and management sciences and fuses them with the principles and methods of engineering analyses and design to find optimal and practical solutions, which contribute to the success and prosperity of an industrial undertaking, thereby making a fundamental contribution to the creation of wealth.

Our vision is to be a vibrant, learned society, representing and promoting all Industrial Engineering professionals in Southern Africa.

Supply Chain & Logistics Group

Headquartered in Dubai (UAE), Supply Chain & Logistics Group (SCLG) is a membership driven industry business group engaged in advancing supply chain & logistics industry locally, regionally and globally. SCLG currently has a membership base of 200+ corporate organizations and is growing.

Supply Chain Africa

Supply Chain Africa is a digital platform advancing African supply chains, and enabling life and business on the African continent. We connect the world to Africa's supply chain trends and innovations while highlighting expertise, peculiarities, and change-makers. A collective of subject matter experts and analysts, we provide thought leadership, executive interviews, and topical supply chain news for key ecosystem development. Our platform's focus is to be the ultimate Africa-focused supply chain resource and community.

Supply Chain Finance Community

The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Community is an independent global community consisting of knowledge institutions, corporations, and supply chain finance professionals who share best practice and new research in an open, collaborative environment. In nine years the Community has become truly global.

Supply Chain Now

In any good supply chain, important information flows freely, and we take that principle to heart at Supply Chain Now. From podcasts to live streams, vlogs, virtual events and articles, Supply Chain Now digital media unites everything you need to know about the latest in global supply chain performance in one place. Whether you prefer to listen in, read on or speak up, we have a format that fits your schedule. Discover media that connects you directly to the supply chain leaders most frequently sourced for insights as we spotlight the people, technology, best practices, critical issues and opportunities impacting global supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium

The Consortium is an exciting collaboration of organisations which bring different skill sets, dynamics, solutions and methodologies to identify, assess, mitigate and manage Supply Chain Risks. Utilizing the Body of Knowledge from our SCRM book, "Supply Chain Risk Management:

An Emerging Discipline", the Consortium provides education through Lehigh University's Executive Education Program (VISTEX), a continuous webinar series, face-to-face workshops around the globe, SCRM Certificates through APICS, Leoron, Marcus Evans, along with 12 other event planning partners and supports an SC-R, Supply Chain Resilience Certification in conjunction with The Logistics Institute of Canada.

The South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA)

The South African Express Parcel Association - SAEPA - comprises of member companies engaged in the express freight and courier industry. The large multinational operators are members as well as South African companies so the association is representative of service providers throughout the express supply chain.

The Southern African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF)

Established in 1921, SAAFF is a national association with members throughout the Republic of South Africa. While it attends to matters of national interest, its constitution permits regions to form chapters of the association, to deal with local issues. The Association is a non-profit organisation governed by a constitution that provides for a board of directors, with a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

Transported Asset Protection Association

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) was founded as a not-for-profit industry Association in 1997 to help Manufacturers & Shippers and their Logistics Service Providers minimise losses from their supply chains resulting from cargo thefts.

Today, the Association provides a host of industry standards, training, incident intelligence, route planning and networking tools and opportunities which are used by member companies as part of their own in-house supply chain security programmes to manage risk and optimise loss prevention.

Global focus on the importance of supply chain resilience to national economies, businesses and consumers has helped to accelerate TAPA EMEA’s membership to its highest-ever level. This also reflects the significant rise in cargo crime – often facilitated by Organised Crime Groups – and the simple fact that, today, virtually all types of products are targeted by cargo thieves.

Upavon Management

Upavon Management has been closely associated with SAPICS for over 25 years. Specialising in event management Upavon is proud to have managed the Annual SAPICS conference since

1996. Upavon is closely aligned to the vision and mission of SAPICS to educate, elevate and empower supply chain professionals across Africa and is a world class event management company which was founded in 1995. It is proud of the long association with SAPICS and of the role it has played in creating the leading event in Africa for Supply Chain Professionals as well as the support provided on other events including the annual golf day, online events, young professional and student conference and the Executive Summit.

Specialising in all elements of event management including strong financial management, Upavon is an ideal partner for organisations looking for world class service and delivery.