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Demand Planning, Forecasting & Sales & Operations Certification Program

As we move into a more demand driven environment the pressure to forecast and plan accurately is no longer an option, but an absolute must. As a result, this has created an unmet demand for Demand Planners, Forecasters, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) professionals in the field.

This 4 half-day workshop, endorsed by the Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning, provides attendees with the perfect preparation to become Certified Professional Forecasters through the Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning.

The course is best suited for:

Those in the position of planner, demand planner, MRP Planner, Operations Planning Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Supply Chain Manager. Anyone from manufacturing and distribution companies who work in an environment where the quality of forecasting and demand planning is important. This certification is targeted at anyone who would like to gain specific knowledge pertaining to forecasting and demand planning and gain an internationally recognised qualification.

  • Accelerate your career growth, leadership opportunities, marketability, and job security
  • Validate your professional experience, knowledge, and skill-sets in the field
  • Build confidence knowing that you’re prepared for today’s rapidly changing marketplace
  • Complement your supply chain education & certifications with IBF
  • Become more recognized at your company, as well as in the field

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