The role the store, warehouse and distribution centre places in the 21st century is often overlooked by many companies. This seems quite incomprehensible when you consider the vital link this function performs in the supply chain. Today, even more so then ever, qualified and skilled materials personnel are required to keep the supply chain operational and to add value to a company's operations.

About the course

The Basics of Stores and Stock Control is an entry level course for those wishing to make a career in one of the many disciplines of warehousing and distribution management.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

This course is targeted at all stores personnel, including the store man and all first-line supervisors. Other major users of the stores function also gain specific benefit from attending this course.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for entry into this program, but basic literacy and numeracy skills is recommended.

BSSC course outline

The course consists of thirteen sessions and a final exam:

  1. Warehousing and Supply Chain Management
  2. Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships
  3. Risk and Safety Management
  4. Warehouse Safety and PPE
  5. Inbound Logistics
  6. Classifying and Coding of Stock
  7. Warehouse Layout and Productivity
  8. Materials Handling and Storage Equipment
  9. Stocktaking and Stock Audits
  10. Warehouse Issues
  11. Warehouse Returns, Customer Service and
  12. Reverse Logistics
  13. Transportation and Distribution Management
  14. Emergency Situations and Precautions
  15. Final Examination

Learning options

This course is non-unit standard aligned and non-accredited and is available as an instructor led program, online or self-study.

Instructor Led

  • Led by experienced instructors
  • Structured classroom environment ensures that you will stay on track with your studies
  • Peer discussions help reinforce learning materials
  • Contact time 40 Hours (including Final exam)


  • Led by experienced instructors
  • Platforms supported: Zoom, Teams, and Meet
  • Interactive, most suitable for small groups
  • Contact time 40 Hours
  • Final exam Proctored


  • Prepare from home, work, or while traveling
  • Save time and money on travel to training venues
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Tutoring available if required
  • Final exam Proctored

About the exam (Length of exam - 3 Hours)

The final exam covers the full course content. It is a closed book exam. The final exam consists of 30 true/false questions and 50 multiple choice questions.

Each true/false question marked correct will earn 1 mark: each multiple-choice question marked correct will earn 2 marks. The total marks available: 130. A learner requires 65 marks (50%) to pass the exam.

There is no negative marking. To pass the course and earn the Certificate of Achievement, a learner will need an overall score of at least 50% in the final examination with a combined minimum of 50% in the homework and final examination.



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